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World famous adventure writer and photographer, Ty Sawyer, is on assignment in Another Shade of Blue. Join Ty as he travels to the planet’s most remote, raw, and real destinations, in search of jungles, oceans, rivers, villages, and the people that bring these locations to life. With only one week to find the essence of a destination and capture it in words and images to meet his magazine’s deadline, Ty immerses himself in the beauty and wonder of each destination to bring amazing stories and breathtaking photography right onto your screen. He seeks to find stories and photographs that are out of the ordinary, so he often finds himself facing challenging terrain, weather obstacles, uncooperative subjects and the element of time. Ty is determined to get the stories and stunning photos that sell the magazine and land his work on the cover.


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Another Shade of Blue at Cannes, France for MIP

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Crew Blog

Hello everyone from the beautiful country of Belize, where the water shimmers with diamond-like sparkles and the skies are a beautiful sapphire blue. The Blue Crew starts their adventures at Ian Anderson’s Tree House Resort at Caves Branch. We will spend the night in the jungle and tour Xunantunich, which is located across from San Jose Succotz, a few miles from Belize’s western border. The largest pyramid, El Castillo, rises 130 feet above the main plaza and offers an impressive Panoramic View of the Belize’s Cayo District and nearby Guatemala. We will float through ancient caves in search of great photo opportunities for Ty and the video crew. The second half of our adventure in Belize will have us landing in Ambergris Caye for some diving with nurse sharks and a little chicken bingo. We will stay at the super cool Xanadu Resort. Alligators and a local “Absinthe” liquor factory round out the rest of our week in Belize. Ty will be once again getting the photos and the stories about our wonderful “Blue” destinations that will be featured in his ezine, “Dive Traveler” and on “Another Shade of Blue-Belize”.
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